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Healthy for Your Life

In today’s diet-crazed culture, health is often reduced to the number on the scale, but your health is so much more than that. It’s about physical health as well as mental and emotional health—and most importantly, your health is yours. You get to decide what health means to you, and what you want to do to be healthy for YOUR life! In this non-diet book, Carrie Dennett offers inspiration and practical tips to help you nourish mind, body and soul, along with insights on how to navigate nutrition news without feeling whiplashed. Oh, and she’ll gently bust some nutrition myths along the way!

Highlights from the book

Healthy for Your Life

Chapter 1: What is Health?

I discuss why it’s time to move beyond the dieting mentality, then I bust a few weight loss myths (I do love myth busting). After that, I talk a bit about Health At Every Size® (including myths about it), and about what it means to be “embodied.” I wrap up the chapter by talking about the importance of compassionate self-care.

Chapter 2: Getting Launched

I start with finding motivation for change, and why it’s OK to feel ambivalent about change. Then I fill you in on setting SMART, values-based goals so you actually have a roadmap for where you want to go. Next, I talk about how the power of positivity can help “reprogram” your brain, and how mindfulness can help you form habits that stick. Then you’ll get some ideas for making changes from a mindset of self-care, not self-control. Finally, you’ll learn how thinking of what your future self would say can help you make decisions rooted in authentic self-care. 

Healthy for Your Life
Healthy for Your Life

Chapter 3: Eating for Health

I fill you in on why the healthiest, most nutritious way to eat may be different for you than for anyone else, as well as the benefits of loving your food (because pleasure and nutrition are perfect partners). However, the most nutritious ways of eating do have some things in common, so I discuss the benefits of “plant-forward” diets, and why they don’t mean you have to only eat plants (unless you want to). Then I talk about he difference between energy density and nutrient density, and why you want more of the second, less of the first. Finally, I go into myth-busting mode so you’ll understand why you can’t “disease-proof” yourself.

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About the Author

Healthy for Your Life

Carrie Dennett        

Carrie Dennett, MPH, RDN, is a Pacific Northwest-based registered dietitian nutritionist, journalist, blogger and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She’s the creator of the Audible Original course “Mindful Eating” and the nutrition columnist for The Seattle Times. She also contributes regularly to other print, online and broadcast media. Carrie has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Oregon and a Master of Public Health in nutritional sciences from the University of Washington. She enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, meditating and traveling when she’s not helping clients and readers develop a healthier relationship with food and body image. Learn more at